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Attention Experienced Drivers!

Are you a courteous and professional driver with a keen eye for detail?

MWVan UK is looking to expand its team of sub-contract drivers across the UK!

We’re seeking individuals who are skilled at providing exceptional service while working on hourly rates.

Our ideal candidates should maintain clean, tidy vehicles that are less than six years old.

If you’re ready to join a reputable company and showcase your driving expertise, we want to hear from you!

Complete the driver details form below and we’ll be in touch.

A Bit About Us

Introducing Michael, a seasoned entrepreneur and software engineer with over 13 years of experience. Recently, he took a break from the corporate world and found himself drawn to a new venture – a local man with a van service. What started as a means to utilise a van purchased for his wife’s business quickly evolved into a passion project.

Driven by his fascination with the technical intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO), Michael’s expertise has propelled his service to the forefront of local searches. With a keen eye for detail and a vision for growth, he and his wife are embarking on an exciting journey to expand their business.

Their vision extends beyond just providing transportation services. They aspire to create a platform that prioritises fair rates for drivers and delivers a professional service experience for customers. As they continue to build their dream, they are on the lookout for like-minded individuals who share their passion and believe in their vision. Stay tuned for the full story, coming soon.

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